From the desk of Chris Barbera of Jesus the Liberator

January 5, 2021

Is Pontius Pilate less of a criminal than Jesus Christ?  Is the outgoing president a criminal?  Within society, the criminalization of poor people is easy.   Jesus was poor, Pilate was rich.  Trump can lie, cheat and attempt to steal an election, sexually abuse and manipulate women, support policies that destroy eco-systems and cultures, and exacerbate wealth inequity and the suffering caused by that.  He can incite violence and suppress freedom.  He can also cheat the system to extract wealth and then evict people who may become homeless and susceptible to drugs, sex work, and homelessness, all of which is criminalized.  The victims of policies for the rich are criminalized.  The effects are criminalized rather than the cause.  A rotten tree produces bitter fruit and then expels the fruit rather than uprooting the tree.

Rich criminals should receive restorative justice in this kind of way: completely dismantle the Trump organization, sell all the assets and then give the wealth to poor black communities as an act of reparations.  Transfer all land titles to native communities that traditionally and historically have lived on that land.  Exempt Trump and associates from any job or position of influence but provide a living wage or universal basic income.  When all of this is done, let go of spite or vengeance.

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